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Data Privacy Statement

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1.Confidential Information

To the extent authorized by the law, the parties may wish, from time to time, in connection with work contemplated under this Agreement, to disclose confidential information to each other (“Confidential Information”). Each party will use reasonable efforts to prevent the disclosure of any of the other party’s. Confidential Information to third parties for a period of six (6) years after the termination of this Agreement provided that the recipient party’s obligation shall not apply to information that:-

- is not disclosed in writing or reduced to writing and so marked with an appropriate confidentiality legend within thirty (30) days of disclosure;

- is already in the recipient party’s possession at the time of disclosure thereof;

- is or later becomes part of the public domain through no fault of the recipient party;

- is received from a third party having no obligations of confidentiality to the disclosing party;

- is independently developed by the recipient party; or

- is required by law or regulation to be disclosed.

In the event that information is required to be disclosed pursuant to subsection f. and to the extent authorized by the law, the party required to make disclosure shall notify the other to allow that party to assert whatever exclusions or exemptions may be available to it under such law or regulation.

2.Data Protection

KenGen will use the information given on your application purely for purposes in respect of which the application has been made. The information you give us will be kept confidential and your personal information will not be disclosed to third parties without your prior consent except where necessary to confirm factual information provided by you.

3.Publication and Confidentiality

Each party shall hold in confidence for six (6) years after the termination of this Agreement any confidential information identified as confidential and obtained from the other party during the course of this engagement.

4.Candidate Declaration

I hereby confirm that to the best of my knowledge the information I have provided in my application is correct and true. I realize that if it is found that I have deliberately given false or misleading information I am liable to be disqualified from further consideration or, if qualified, to be dismissed immediately without notice.